Monday, November 2, 2015

Erin Wallace, Silversmith & Metal Artist

Proud member of OJC, Erin Wallace of Erin Wallace Jewelry welcomes our questionnaire and images of her working away. Learn more about what Erin Wallace shared with us!

Q: Why did you choose jewelry? 
A: Jewelry chose me! While traveling to view artwork in Florence, Italy, I came to realize that jewelry was calling out for me to explore. I came home knowing jewelry was for me, signing up for one class, then another, and then a certificate in jewelry making. 

Q: Where did you learn your craft? 
A: I developed my sense of design completing a B.A.H. at the University of Guelph, where I studied sculpture and printmaking. Then seven years later followed up my design training with a jewelry fabrication program through Fleming College at the Haliburton School for The Arts. 

Q: If you could invite a few people (living or dead) to your studio for a day, who would you ask and why?
A: It would be neat to go back in time, and be a fly on the wall watching my grandfather work as a blacksmith, perhaps some of my skills are inherited. I would also like to invite deceased Danish Designer Georg Jensen for tea to pick his brain regarding aesthetic and business.

Q: List three words that describe you as an artist.
A: Insightful, dedicated, effective

Q: What else inspires your work?
A: My work is inspired by life’s experiences including my sculpture education, my travels throughout North America and abroad, and the timeless aesthetic of talented predecessors. 

Q: How do you usually choose materials for your pieces?
A: I have always been drawn to work with wood and metal. Now I mostly choose sterling silver as my metal to create my designs, I work in gold from time to time and I appreciate the warm colour of bronze. 

Q: What is your most precious tool?
A: My eyes, to watch where my hammer hammers, to see where my saw cuts, and explore how to perfect the designs I develop. 

Q: Why is the Ottawa Jewelry Collective important to you?
A: I feel it is important to have a network of like-minded individuals to support your goals, push you further, and develop new opportunities together. 

Q: What part of Ottawa and surrounding areas do you call home?
A: I grew up in the west end of Ottawa and I now call the Westboro neighbourhood home. 

Q: As a Canadian Designer, has Canadian culture or environment influenced you work?
A: My Forest Collection is inspired by the Canadian landscape along with geometric elements. I feel influenced by the natural world as well as my travels across Canada and the world, and hiking.

Q: Describe a technique you use in your work.
A: In my Heirloom Collection I oxidize the silver, prematurely aging the silver, creating a balance between the black texture with the white metal. 

Q: Where can we find you jewelry?
A: In Ottawa at Magpie Jewellery's three locations (Westboro, the Glebe, and Rideau Centre), and The Ottawa Art Gallery; In Toronto, Corktown Designs in the Distillery, and Craft Ontario Shop in Yorkville; artisan craft shows around Ottawa and 

Q: What do jewellery and a good party have in common?
A: With previous experience in event planning, I appreciate that to make beautiful jewelry or to have a great party one needs dedication to preparation, support of relationships, and to celebrate a good cause!

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