Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Caelen Ellis, Goldsmith

It's a treat to have Caelen Ellis, Ottawa Goldsmith and OJC member open up to tells us about his life and work at Fluid Jewellery. 

Q: Why did you choose jewellery?
A: I always liked to work with my hands, was interested in art and was business minded.  Jewellery seemed like a good way to combine all three.

Q: Where did you learn your craft? 
A: Georgian College Jewellery and Metalsmithing program

Q: If you could invite a few people (living or dead) to your studio for a day, who would you ask and why?
A: Probably my great grandfather who was a jeweller and watchmaker back in Britain in the early 1900’s. It would be pretty cool to compare techniques and tools/equipment and materials!

Q: List three words that describe you as an artist.
A: down to earth, creative and a perfectionist

Q: What do jewellery and a good party have in common? 
A: Style and Ice (bling) ;)

Q: What else inspires your work?
A: The natural and built environmental around me. It could be something as simple as a piece of furniture or fabric. I love textures and organic free flowing shapes. I am also often inspired by the materials themselves – the metal or stones.

Q: How do you usually choose materials for your pieces? 
A: It depends on the goal or the desired outcome of a project. Often it depends on what the client is after or what the budget entails.  However its easy to get carried away with precious stones and I love the warmth of gold.

Q: What is your most precious tool? 
A: My flex shaft. She is the workhorse of my shop – sanding, grindindg carving etc.  I also love my casting machine – it allows thoughts/shapes to come into fruition.

Q: Describe a technique you use in your work. 
A: Lost wax casting – turning 3d wax models into actual metal shapes. It's a pretty cool process from start to finish especially watching molten metal take shape.

Q: Why is the Ottawa Jewellery Collective important to you? 
A: Its important to me beacuse when I started in this business there was nothing like this. It was tough to find support, and jewellerys often just had to work by themselves. It is nice to be creating a collaborative community.

Q: What part of Ottawa and surrounding areas do you call home?
A: I grew up in Center town Ottawa, and currently live right near the train station.

Q: As a Canadian Designer, has Canadian culture or environment influenced your work? 
A: I guess Canadian culture has influenced me in my love of nature. We're so privileged to be surrounded by such great beauty and I believe most of us take pride in this!

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share? 
A: Love what you do and try to be passionate about something, take a few risks life is short! :)

Q: Where can we find your work? 
A: Magpie Jewellery, Devine, Wallspace, and Adorit in Ottawa; Devil’s Workshop and Adorn in Toronto; Curiosities, London

OJC invites you to connect with Caelen on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fluid-Jewellery/955334501149640?fref=nf, Instagram - @fluidjewellery, LinkedIn – Caelen Ellis, and website www.fluidjewellery.com.

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